Monday, June 14, 2010

550 HNI and INR 2,50,00 crores arrears..

550 High Networth Individuals (HNI) in India owe to the central govt INR 2,50,000 crores as tax arrears !! ( each individual not less than Rs 25 crores..) ....

These are the individuals who use up most of the govt infrastructure and not pay up for it.. Their Mercedes cars run on the roads, they use most of the flying infrastructure for their personal comfort, civic infrastructure for their benefit (like registering new land and transferring existing land).

The Pareto principles could be used in this regard. Vital few ( who owe arrears in thousands of crores) need to be handled and controlled much more than the trivial many ( the salaried class and petty traders..) who are more sincere on an average in fulfilling their tax liabilities, so that the tax arrears scene could be improved.

The extra thousands of crores which the central govt gets could be used for compulsory primary education, improving healthcare in rural areas, building necessary infrastructure across the country of roads, ports, rail etc, ensuring energy security and so on.


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