Saturday, May 15, 2010

pakistani Taliban, cornered ...

With the arrest of Shahzad Husain of the NY Times square failed car bomb, the involvement of the Pakistani Taliban in the war of terror involving mujahideens and the jihad is getting serious. We hear everyday either the administration or CIA telling something or the other on how matters need to be reined in , lest it go out of control.

A rethink on whether American funding of Pakistan in its war against terror is actually against India and US or against the terrorists  themselves .. Following these revelations, Pakistan administration is tightlipped for the past week. 

Fareed Zachariah in Newsweek, Quote : Until the Pakistani military truly takes on a more holistic view of the country's national interests—one that sees economic development, not strategic gamesmanship against Afghanistan and India, as the key to Pakistan's security—terrorists will continue to find Pakistan an ideal place to go shopping. : unquote

Unless the army restricts itself to the barracks and allow the ordinary man to decide his destiny, there can be no solution to this crisis in Pakistan.

Unfortunately Pakistan is isolating itself from the rest of the developed world and withdrawing itself inside the shell with each revelation. The genie of home-grown and cultivated terror is already out of the bottle, it is next to impossible to bottle it back ..

At time of independence, Pakistan was having equal development like India. After sixty five years, just worry where Pakistan is and where India is ?


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