Saturday, May 08, 2010

Does the Reliance gas row deserve so much publicity ??

This morning's newspapers except for The Hindu had headlines screaming that Mukesh has won this round of battle with his brother Anil. What is the fuss about this ??

Firstly, the gas from Krishna Godavari basin is national wealth, no family how influential it be can claim to exploit it for their selfish ends.

The deal broakered by Kokila, mother of the Ambani brothers in which Mukesh would give Anil natural gas from KG basin at $2.4/mbtu, brokered in the bed room of kokila will nowhere stand in the court of law. It is like fooling the people of this country and robbing them of their common wealth.

Let Anil buy gas from Mukeshs' RIL at $ 4.5 per mbtu and pay royalty to GoI. The GoI gets 27,000 crores as royalty. Why should the GoI gift it as concession to the richest and notorious family in India when millions do not even get a square meal a day ?

Bedroom deals are between the brothers, the common man should not be dragged to it.

In fact the GoI should charge a big fine, maybe Rs. 100 crores, from the brothers for trying to fool the country and its billion plus people for their selfish ends.. It will ensure they do not repeat the dirty tricks again on the people.

How audacious of them to think that they could rob the country of Rs 27,000 crores and get away with it ?

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