Friday, May 21, 2010

Claude Shannon, the father of Information Technology and the digital world ..

Claude Shannon, Father of Information Theory
Were it not for his most advanced theories on how to use the binary digits for computations (1938-9, MS thesis at MIT, said to be the most influential Masters Thesis in the history of mankind ever) and how to use binary digits for communication ( PhD thesis at MIT, 1948) using Boolean algebra, which was very very advanced at that time, humans and businesses world over would not be living with all the computing and communications facilities.. 

All the telephone calls we make, the computers, games and presetations we make, the entertainment we see on TV , DVDs, satellite communications and theatres, nothing would have been possible but for the far reaching research done by Shannon in the 1940s..

Thanks to Shannon, ( AT&T Bell Labs is now called Shannon Labs), the whole world now rests on these 0s and 1s.

Youtube video on Shannon

Writeup in The Hindu ..

Let us give our respects to this great scientist and visionary, who died in 2001 from Alzheimers disease.

Unfortunately, the Nobel Foundation never got to honour this Scientist !! In my personal opinion, it is one of the greatest blunders of the Nobel Committee, not considering his work to be an application of Physics and honouring him for that. It is my sincere wish that the Nobel Committee honour Claude with the Nobel Prize, posthumously even now, as otherwise, it would be one of the greatest blunders in modern history ever !


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