Saturday, April 10, 2010

GSLV D3 on Cryogenic Engine ..

The whole nation is awaiting with baited breath for April 15 at 4 30 PM when India's GSLV D3 with own indigenously developed cryogenic engine (19 years to develop, a big thanks should go to US for putting pressure on Russia to deny cryo tech to us, triggering indigenous research ) will blast to space, with GSAT IV satellite, asserting India's supremacy once again in heavy launches.

India will be one among a select list of countries to have its own cryogenic technology along with US, Russia, Japan, France and China.
The rocket is already on the launchpad at Sriharikotta. VSSC has developed the rocket, ISRO Centre in Bangalore the satellite and LPSC, Mahendragiri, the cryogenic engine.. Together we can ...!!

Being patriotic is a birthright ..I do not know how anybody could think otherwise .. Was Obama not in his senses to harp on patriotism in his addresses ?... He is no less a human ..

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  1. Sir what is noteworthy is ISRO went for a closed loop design for their first cryogenic engine , pretty bold step given this is our first engine in this class.

    Hope they find out the root cause for failure asap.

    --Naveen Negi


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