Wednesday, April 07, 2010

16 th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide ..

The 16 th anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda in 1994 between Hutu and Tutsi tribes is being celebrated this year.  

The UN insteead of helping prevent the strife, actually withdrew the UN peace keeping forces from 4000 to 400 and helped the Tutsi be butchered in the hands of the dominant and ruling Hutu tribe in Rwanda. 

In a matter of just two months a million of Tutsi tribesmen were butchered, men, women and children alike.. I was talking to a Rwandan student in my college, 6 million Jews were massacred by Germans and Axis forces in 5 years during the second world war, a million of Rwandans were butchered in 2 months by fellow Rwandans !! 7 April to 20 July 1994.

It is one of the most dastardly acts of negligence carried out by the UN and other developed countries of the world in the last decade of the twentieth century. If the UN forces remained back, half or 70% of the murdered people would have been alive today !!

After the Tutsi tribe has regained power in Rwanda, they have adopted a policy of forgiveness and is out to stop any such genocide in any other part of the world. The tragedy which hit Rwanda should not happen to any other country of the world, never again in Rwanda , not at all ..

Let us show our solidarity with Rwanda ..  Attend he meeting organised by the Rwandan students association in bangalore at Sambharam group of institutions on 10 April at 3 PM.

Sincere regards,

George Easaw
Bangalore, India.

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