Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The thundering trio who stole the show yday in Rajya Sabha ..

Arun Jaitley from BJP, Ms Brinda Karat from CPM and  Satish Chandra Mishra from BSP spoke forcibly and convincingly yesterday in Parliament while supporting the Women's Reservation Bill..

Were it not for whole-hearted support from MPs across parties and ideologies, this historic legislation, probably the most advanced in the world, would not have materialised.. The Treasury benchers were shouting their famous phrases supporting the Chairperson of the Congress party and the PM for the firmness and good intent ...

With the first hurdle having been crossed, ie Rajya Sabha, the trying test is just coming for the ruling party. With the support of BJP and CPM, this legislation is as good as passed !!

The male chauvinists and cynics from the parties opposing the legislation, insisting on reservation within reservation for women from weaker sections, are only trying to scuttle this bill .. Their words and actions belie their false pretentions  !

With the RTI Act and Women's Reservation Bill coming to practice, the Indian democratic polity will be entering a new plane, far superior in intent and content to any other in the world... And it will take scores of years for other developed countries (driving in the fast lane down the drain..) to try to match up and catch up with India in this regard. In a democracy, developments do happen albeit slowly, with popular consent and support ..

India is once again giving the very needed and necessary leadership to the world !! This Juggernaut (Lord Jagannath from Puri temple) cannot be stopped, come what may ..


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