Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Home alone ...

The article in The Hindu

describes the sad plight of parents who long for the weekend to hear the sound of their sons and daughters over the telephone, who have migrated to the West. Though initially they were pushing the kids to go abroad (which gave them acceptance in their societies..) for higher studies, jobs and were overjoyed by the good luck and sudden riches for their kids, later they are repenting for their folly. Now they wish to just hear their sound once in a week.

The kids having flown away with stronger wings never want to come back to their homeland as they have adopted the new land as their own !!

We know many who share this same experience, though they would never openly want to accept it .. This migration brings joy for some while others crave to get back to the land which made them what they are today !! Only memories remain to cherish ..!!

Man is basically a migratory animal, else we would never have come out of Africa, the cradle of civilisation, through its eastern coasts of Ethiopia and Egypt, 55,000 years ago .. Genographic Project. http://genographic.nationalgeographic.com

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George Easaw
Bangalore, India.

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