Saturday, February 20, 2010

Why should a Muslim have to wear his nationalism on his sleeve ?

Thoughtful article .. Just because of the likes of a single Mullah Omar, or polygamy being practiced by some in the community, the extreme penal practices by some states, the suicide bombers, or the prosletysing nature of the religion, why should the millions who preferred to stay back in India after partition and go down with it or up with it, have to be treated or feel differently ? 

Why do they have to wear nationalism on their sleeves any time an undesirable event like Pune happens ? Should'nt we look at them differently ? The author tries to make us see reason through this very insightful article..  Food for thought .. The army was never branded as being pro-a-particular-community when a serving army officer's complicity in a terror plot was unearthed. Then why should a finger be pointed against the Muslim community when stray individuals from that community commit some anti-social and anti-religious acts ?

India is a multi-cultural and multi-religious mosaic of traditions which has come down through thousands of years of cross cultural interactions with multiple civilizations, taking the good from all and rejecting the bad. This is our treasure which we cannot submit at the feet of anybody and never will.


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