Saturday, February 06, 2010

The roar which turned into a meow !!

The Shiv Sena roar finally ended up as a meow with Rahul Gandhi, Congress Gen Secy., going through his schedule in Mumbai with ease and style in open defiance of the Shiv Sena diktat, in their own territory, as a free Indian.. Rahul Gandhi even skipped his helicopter trips to tease these cats, by taking two trips on the Mumbai local train.

Indians, cutting cross their political leanings now have the freedom to travel anywhere in the country and nobody can through goondagiri issue any more hollow threats .. The entire "hollowgiri" policy of Shiv Sena hoodlums needs to be pursued by the govt machinery to expose and arrest any anti-national aspects.

The trip has exposed the opportunistic BJP and RSS, who after siding with Shiv Sena, their longest ally for all these years, finally ditched them, with an eye on the North Indian vote bank. It was a disaster to watch BJP and Shiv Sena spokesmen on TV last night being torn to shreds in their defense of their exclusivist, majoritarian, anti-minority, regionalist agenda..

Let this incident be a reminder to the communal forces that India as a country cannot be pushed to a corner and will not succumb to their divisive, anti-national agenda. Indians have better things to do and worthwhile goals to pursue, not their backward-looking, cockeyed policies .


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