Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Independent of UK surmises it all, Sachin - the Little Master ..

Bal Thackeray, the pain-in-the-neck, useless, old man of Mumbai and his bachaas must have had a terrible night yesterday, seeing Sachin steal the Marathi (or Indian) manoos from them !!



  1. I leave it to others to comment about the Bal Thackerays and all such politicians...

    Sachin's performance yesterday was really fantastic and no amount of words can describe such a supreme effort. This and his recent back to back hundreds in the Tests were a fitting reply to many who were ready to write him off. Being a cricket lover and an Indian, this was truly an unbelievable moment ! Long live Sachin, long live Indian cricket


  2. To be honest, I stood up in front of the TV and saluted Sachin!!. Double salute to him on his statement that he is an Indian first!.



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