Wednesday, February 03, 2010

How senseless and cowardly can Shiv Sena be ??

How senseless and cowardly can Shiv Sena be ??

Having spent a good part of my life in Mumbai and having come across the high handed goondagiri of Shiv Sena, the hollow threats issued by the senseless leaders from Bal to Raj to Udhav, the world has come to realise that these "bachaas" are digging their own graves ..

The Maharashtra Govt needs to act with a firm hand and silence these loudmouths. The Govt. should never allow anybody to issue such open threats, challenging the freedom of movement, speech and expression of other citizens, holding the society to ransom and allow them at the end to get away scot-free ..

The Govt. is to be blamed for allowing things to precipitate to such an extent over the years. Let Mumbai be cleansed of these virii once and for ever !!


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