Saturday, February 06, 2010

E-learning at T John College picking up ..

To the best of my knowledge, the only Institute in Karnataka to have embraced technology of e-learning in teaching management subjects is the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, at the website .  

There is one more addition to it now, the T John College, Bangalore which specialises in Management, Computer Science, Bio-Technology and Hotel Management courses, both for UG and PG courses affiliated to the Bangalore University. 

It was really heartening to note that as of the morning of 6 Feb, 2010, there were 277 users at the e-learning site,

The E-learning portal of T John College is just three weeks old and already we have almost 15 subjects hosted with additions, editing of course material happening at a feverish pace, keeping pace with the course coverage.

After a few months we hope to open it up to the public to enable distance learning ..

George Easaw

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  1. e learning site adopted in our college by DR. george ishaw is an awsome experience of getting informations. hats of to u sir bringing in new innovative method of learning


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