Saturday, February 20, 2010

Did Govt play into students' hands on Telengana ??

The students agitation for the Telengana state to be splintered from Andhra Pradesh has become a matter of concern for the centre as well as the people of AP. The Industries, specially IT and organisations in Andhra will suffer great casualties in this struggle. Already companies have started moving out. People of Andhra are scary of what the agitation will turn into in the coming days.

The SC had to revoke a stay ordered by the Andhra HC banning Police forces from entering the Osmania Uty campus. This SC order will enable  the Union Home Secretary to keep a watch on how pro-Telengana politicians led by TRS, are using students ( and possible fear of Naxals who have infiltrated the Osamania Uty campus) as a scapegoat to further their ends.

The Srikrishna Committee which has been constituted to look into the issue of formation of state of Telengana, as there is a difference of opinion even among the political parties on its formation, will take time  till Dec 31, 2010 to submit its report to the Centre. This is enough time for the issue to fizzle out. How can a person like K C Rao fighting for his personal selfish ends hold the nation to ransom ?

Even as I am penning this short article, I see banners across my monitor screen, that students have started immolating themselves at the gates of OU campus at 4 PM on 20 Feb, 2010.

These politicians are a scary lot !!


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