Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Nobel laurete Ramakrishnan, IIT and CMC ..

Prof Ramakrishnan was frank enough to admit that ..

Even though the students who get into IIT are very smart and bright, what is ailing our scientific and technological talent ? Why is it that we are unable to strike it big in international science and technology ? Are our engineers and Scientists getting burnt out studying during the college years ? By the time they reach their prime age to carry out research, they are left without any interest or creativity to take their scientific endeavours forward ..

In fact the incident goes to prove that it is not initial (acquired) brilliance by attending coaching classes and postal classes which is going to determine your success, but the sustained interest and creativity in the field.

Our Institutions of National Importance (INIs like IITs, IIMs and IIScs) are great places to be in, but if they are places where instead of nurturing talent they are killing talent,should we not be rethinking on our whole approach to scientific and technological growth in the country ?


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