Saturday, January 23, 2010

Finally the chance to zip on the Elevated Highway to Electronics city ...

No more traffic, no more dust and no more smoke ... !!

It took three years of waiting to finally get on the elevated highway and zip from Madiwala, past Hosa Road junction to Electronic city in exactly 10 minutes flat. 

Smooth road, no speed breakers, no crossings, 9.4 kms in 10 mins flat, ie an average speed of just below 60 kmph.

This road will remain toll free for the next two months before the authorities think of bringing in toll charges. That means another two months of neat, fast, hassle free driving. Well deserved reward for all these years of waiting in noise, dust, diversions, idling, honking, noise pollution. No more petrol wasted decelerating and accelerating.. 

We rightly deserve it, makes the final reward more sweeter !! The traffic on the NHAI road below has gone down easing traffic on both roads.

finally, wow !!!


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