Saturday, January 23, 2010

Digital Library and E-learning at T John Bangalore..

Two good things happening at T John College are  E-learning  and the Digital Library setups..

T John will probably be the first institution of higher learning in Karnataka to have an E-learning setup, other than IIM Bangalore. The faculty are in the process of attending the workshops, creating courses and getting used to the software. Check out for a brief peep into the activity here. The site is in the construction stage and will probably be the first in Bangalore university to boast of integrating technology in the academic interaction.

A digital Library on Greenstone has been setup on the Institute Intranet to capture, store and retrieve digital documents in the college. Since this involves issues relating to copyrights and plagiarism, the issue of putting up the documents on Internet for the outside world will take time. Abstracts will anyway be put up.

Good and great times ahead for the Institute with such a motivated and sincere faculty to work and offer full support to such technology initiatives from the management.


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