Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Attacks/murder on Indian students in Australia..

The whole Australian cabinet is up in arms against the travel advisory issued by the Govt of India , Min of Ext Affairs to students staying and traveling in Australia. They say the attacks against the Indian students were not racially motivated and such incidents could happen in New Delhi or Mumbai or any other city for that matter. With a series of attacks over the past year against Indians in Australia, it is quite natural for the Indian govt to take serious note and warn its citizens.

If the issue of this travel advisory has got the Australian govt off guard, and has hurt its stature as an international destination for students, the Australian govt should not feel offended. Instead of finding fault with India, it should try to find why Indian students are being targeted in Australia and try to address those issues.

The travel advisories by the foreign govts advising their citizens against traveling to India during times of crisis and terrorist attacks, have been  equally painful and deplorable. An advisory being just a diplomatic exercise undertaken by a country warning its citizens of the risks associated with traveling and staying in a troubled country, it should be treated as such and left at it.

Other than a warning by concerned govts for its citizens, the host govt should not attach any exended meaning to the statements and try to make a mountain of a molehill.


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  1. Very well said...

    this warning is nothing in comparison to the number of warning other countries have given on India.. even the Telegana issue has prompted many Embassies around the world to issue warning to those travelling to India..

    Australia is finally getting the point and hence they are trying to make a scene.. their revenue from Indian students is taking a hit and they cannot afford it...instead of crying let them look into this matter and find the reason for this problem and then fix it if they can.. I am sure Indians are not stupid to invite trouble purposefully after having spent enormous money to study in Australia..(these attacks are real and I have heard of them firsthand from a close relative) nd if this is a growing resentment against Indian migration then it is time Indians stopped going to Australia..


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