Friday, January 29, 2010

And the attacks continue ..

When a white man is attacked, it is racism and human rights organisations are out there making noise. When an Indian is attacked, it is just passing news, never deserving to be mentioned or taken note of.

The Australian govt is still very much in denial mode , even after six months, as they are totally incompetent to nail the attackers of Indians in Australia. They are taken aback by this action of their citizens which is derogatory to the core. 

Why should a white man ever physically express his frustration and vent his anger at the growing clout of Indians worldwide ? This gets all the more serious when his own past credentials are doubtful with human rights violations against the displaced aborigines / original owners of the land.

How long can the world close its eyes and ears ? Is it a one off incident happening very rarely or is it a collective expression of frustration and anger at the Indians ? How long can Indian govt show civility and patience to their Australian counterparts ? 

How many times more we have to teach the white man the basics of civilised behaviour ? Gandhiji taught them some sixty years back and now once again they are looking up to us for some more. Strange ..


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