Tuesday, January 19, 2010

44 Deeemed Universities in India lose status ..

During the tenure of the previous UPA government, Institutes of higher education that had just some buildings and who thought they were smart enough to bribe through the UGC machinery could get deemed university status.

But all that has been in vain and Christ University in Bangalore, that money making venture of the priests from CMI has been exposed  among others like Jain University and about 24 universities in Chennai by MHRD. The same priests who were supposed to set standards in honesty and openness in higher education have been caught with their pants down !!

Now the issue is who gave recognition to these fake universities and how does the government intend to take to task the officials who were bribed by these universities and these universities themselves. 

A hefty fine should be imposed on these Universities so that such money making institutions do not fool the gullible public again and the concerned officials should be demoted and action initiated against them.

It is interesting to note that these single building institutions would have got university status if they were in US where the restrictions and controls are not that severe.

Once again, God's own land comes out unscathed indicating the high standards of ethics, transparency and probity existing there.


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