Monday, December 28, 2009

Ruchika, Rathore, CBI and Judiciary ..

The decision by Ruchika's father to file a petition in the Supreme Court asking former DGP of Haryana, SPS Rathore be re-investigated for his role in abetment of the suicide of Ruchika is a laudable step.

The monster he was, SPS Rathore could not have gone any further in exerting his official and political influence to subvert the case accusing him of abetting the suicide of Ruchika, and the pursuant terror tactics against her family. His role in influencing CBI oficials to drop serious charges against hime proved successful ( the evasion of Press and the feigning of ignorance of a 10 year old case by former CBI Chief R K Raghavan is an indicator of his complicity in the crime..)

In all seriousness Ruchika' family will get justice and the way things are going, looks like Rathore monster will be going behind bars very soon. The Law Minister Veerappa Moily has been vociferous in asking for the re-trial of the case. Judicial reforms are also being initiated to see that no more such instances recur in India ..

Last evening's Big Fight on NDTV, which was discussing the Ruchika case with anchor Burkha Dutt was an absorbing one with all major players including Ms Kiran Bedi, Ruchika's parents, except Rathore making appearance and unitedly asking for a fair re-trial was the climax for these discussions.


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