Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ruchika and her tormentor ...

If you have a daughter, you will probably be worried how can a Police Officer, a public servant, who is supposed to help keep law and order in the society,  turn into a demon and hound minor girls for sexual favours and molest them ??

Should we allow such people to live in a civilised society like ours?

One fact we should never forget is that for one Ruchika whom the world knows, there are a thousand more Ruchikas who have gone into oblivion, at the hands of the demonised police forces.. We need to bring reforms to our police forces and try to lessen the shame the dept as a whole now carries because of some black sheep in their midst.

Rathore should be given the most extreme punishment after giving him a fair hearing .. It is for the safety and safe upbringing of our daughters.


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