Saturday, December 05, 2009

Mining thugs find the going tough !!

The Bellary Reddy brothers ( mining rogues and respectable ministers in the Karnataka ministry..) who caused lot of problems for Karnataka CM Yediyurappa, now finds the going tough as the CBI is ready to start the investigations into their illegal mining activities in the mining leases given to them on the recommendations of AP CM Rosaiah and the Supreme Court empowered committee.

The crores these brothers have illegally amassed over the years with YSR's son, Jagan, will be exposed and these cheats will be brought to justice .. India is not a banana republic and one cannot fool the people for long and get away with it. The news is very pleasing to the ears of all peace loving citizens who believe in the rule of law.

Even though their evil intents ( rs 600-700 crores) are not as severe as Raju of Satyam ( rs 8000 crores..) or Bernie Madoff ( Rs 2,50,000 crores..), evil intent needs to be punished and let us hope the law takes its rightful course in this greatest, populous, vibrant and most lively democracy of the world !!


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