Wednesday, December 16, 2009

First polluter advantage ?

Are the developed countries trying to bring in a first polluter benefits standard ( and stays polluting) , late polluters have cuts and embargoes imposed on them ..

This is what happened with the Nuclear non-proliferation Treaty .. (NPT)

Maybe we should seriously think of the Global Non-pollution Treaty (G-NPT) ( for the late polluters), fully beneficial to the early polluters  who can enjoy polluting the planet without any prick of conscience ..

Where are the brains of the white man ??


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  1. > Where are the brains of the white man ??

    Isn't it obvious? The result of his brains working are obvious all over. In the past - Rio, Kyoto and now Copenhagen - the developing nations made concession after concession to get a deal through and ended up with watered down agreements that did nothing to reduce pollution and climate change and still the US refused to sign on and those developed nations that did sign on refused to honour them. And they walk out of those conferences and blame the developing nations as having been the road blocks. What can be more brilliant than that?



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