Monday, November 23, 2009

Vsisit to Raj bhavan, Bangalore..

The first time I visited Raj Bhavan was on Gandhi Jayanthi Day, Oct 2, 2008. Jobin also was with me.

Some months back I came to know that Bayikutty ammamma's son, Lt Navin from Indian Navy is joining the Raj Bhavan as the ADC (Aide De Camp) of the Governor, H R Bharadwaj. When babychayan gabe me a call on Thusday evening, while I was shoping, it was  big surprise, both of them were in Bangalaore Raj Bhavan wand wanted to visit us on Friday.

Accordingly on Friday, both of them and Navin came in the official Raj Bhavan car. They were here for an hour and more and returned.

Accordinglu we alo gave them a return visit on Saturday. We went to the fruit market, bought some fruits and at 4.45 PM left home to Raj Bhavan. We reached there by 6.30 PM. 

Navin took us around and showe the majestic halls. the meeting room, office room , the lawns etc.. It was a majestic sight to see. We were back home at 10.30 PM.

Next sunday, we are planning to ask Navin to come to the Orthodox Church, to be introduced to our priests. 


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