Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The hate master silenced by the batting maestro ..

Sachin Tendulkar silences the hate master (paper tiger, Bal Thackeray) by claiming that he is first an Indian and then a Marathi. Mumbai is for Indians and not only for Marathis .. Mumbai was made by the efforts of people from all over India and not just the Marathis ..

It is very difficult to understand why Thackeray is claiming Mumbai as his family property only to be used/misused by his sons and nephews.. Shouldn't regional chauvinism and parochialism too be branded as criminal misdemeanour ? It ends up in physical violence inflicted on some innocents and is basically disruptive in nature and acting against the integrity of the nation.

Will this man who is yet to come to his senses after the shocking electoral defeat last week, signalling that he no more represents the Marathi Manoos, stop his senseless rants and try to realise the damage caused by his statements ?

Will the media too stop taking this up, giving unnecessary importance to an anti-social element ?


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