Monday, November 23, 2009

CEC of SC and CBI enquiry into mining thugs' businesses ..

The Supreme Court appointed Central Empowerment Committee could not have come up with a more strongly worded report on the illegal mining activity happening in the obalapuram mining area, bordering AP and Karnataka. Run by the politically strong Bellary Reddy brothers and Jaganmohan Reddy, son of the late YSR of AP, the report by the SC and the CBI enquiry ordered by AP govt will send shivers down the spine of the mining thugs (respectable ministers in the Karnataka Govt..) Yediyurappa must be gleeful with joy at the curious turn of events. Reddy brothers cannot find any help from Sushma Swaraj, their political mother and messiah...

Illegally appropriating state property and living off it, throwing weight around, is not only a crime, it works against natural justice and amounts to robbing in daylight. While poor people are imprisoned when they do small thefts, here respectable thugs from the govt., rape the govt of crores of rupees of revenue and walk scot free. What an irony ?

The govt needs to act fast and as per the CEC report, recover not only the costs of iron ore taken out, but impose model punishment with a hefty penalty and imprisonment, so that such daylight robberies re not repeated in future, by anybody, either from the ruling party or the opposition.

The hands of the govt and the judiciary needs to be strengthened. The representatives of the people should come forward and show they really care to fight corruption . It is hoped all political parties will help the CBI and SC to stop this robbery by ministers in the Karnataka govt.


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