Saturday, October 24, 2009

"Where's my Nobel Prize", an article by Chetan Bhagat ..TOI.

Do we really care for talent in this country ..? 

Are our talents getting burnt out at a very early age? Are we good only at reproducing and copying and not creating something new ? Are we muting our creativity ?

Else who can explain the brilliant brains in the country getting qualified through the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE), the toughest entrance exam in the world, for admission to the prestigious IITs, wilting from the academic scenario after their thirties ?

Are the ancient caste system, regulations and bureaucracy muffling the talent which sprouts here and there quite randomly..?

Read on, good article.. by the young IIT Bombay trained, famous writer ..


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  1. ultimately, its the love what counts. if you love writing, just like chetan did, then the decision is completely left to you, as to when to start writing and what to write and all such sorts of stuff. the great singer James Blunt was in english army before he left it to compose his songs. you cant ask him to stick to what he has been trained at.
    the indian education system is to be blamed for the plagiarism being produced in the country. why is it that whenever you read a new paper, or a presentation or even a journal, the main contributors are outsiders and not indians. even if they are indians, they have been trained outside. unless the education system is revised and more encouragement and initiatives are taken for rewarding research and innovation and creativity,the situation will remain the same


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