Friday, October 30, 2009

Ford Model-T car

A beauty, Model T Ford car ..

Challenging the concept of craft production where each car was produced like a job shop activity, all resources and workers gathering around each unit until it is finally assembled and rolled out of the shop floor, mass production helped to standardize production on a large scale to meet with high demand at lower costs ..

Now we find the Lean System ( Toyota Production System) is challenging this production concept. The Japanese are showing the world it is not utilization of machines, men and materials which decides the quality and cost effectiveness of any shop floor operations, product or process, instead trying to keep inventory and wastes low, is the success to any manufacturing. By aiming at unit-continuous-pull flow on the shop floor, Toyota has shown the world they are indeed technologically and theoritically superior to the manufacturing concerns of the western world.

This also explains the craze for western companies to go LEAN, i.e. reduce wastes, provide value, bring pull and run single piece continuous flow ..

However for posterity, here is the first car to be mass produced ... Model T Ford .. A beauty .. 


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