Saturday, September 12, 2009

Project Management Schedule

/_*Schedule of Project Management, Second term, PGDM , batch 14, June –
September 2009.*_/

*Objective* : To give the students the foundation knowledge of managing
projects on the three pillars of cost, time and expectations, by
exposing them to case studies, quantitaive problemmatic situations and
talks from expert project managers from the field.
Topics* :
Basics of Project Management, overview
Organisation Structure and Culture, appropriate structure from
functional, projectised and matrix.
Project scope, defining, establishing priorities, work breakdown structure
Integrating WBS with the organisation and Information systems
Estimating Project times and costs. Macro versus micro estimation,
details and tools.
Developing a project plan, A-O-N and A-O-A networks, CPM / PERT, lags,
Risk management, identification, assessment, response and control. Risk
assessment through PERT.
\Scheduling Resources – time constrained and resource constrained problems
Reducing project duration – constructing a project cost-duration graph
Managing Project teams, Leadership, factors affecting team performance,
managing virtual teams, pitfalls
Project audit and closure, audit, closure and evaluations.
/PS : Project managers from Industry will be taking two to three
sessions on practical project management issues./

*Schedule of evaluation* :

Mid-term exam 30 %
End-term exam 40 %
Assignments 10 %
Class test 10 %
Attendance and 10 %
class participation


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