Monday, September 07, 2009

Muthootu murder takes new turn ...

The famed Paul Muthootu murder in Alleppey, Kerala is getting murkier day by day.

Asianet TV through a sting operation recorded from the goldsmith who made the S shaped knife. as per news reports, the police CI later placed this knife under the pillow of Kari Satheesh in his house. Kari is being framed by the police as having committed the murder. Kari's mother was on TV denying all the charges and accusing the police of planting the knife under the cushion of her son ..

The involvement of the police, Government and the Muthootu family in trying to hush up the case as an accidental murder and not a planned one is getting exposed with each passing day by the brilliant revelations made public by the media. The fact that the DGP of Alleppey on the second day itself called a press conference to brief the media and the public of the police intentions to hush up the case, when he should not have influenced in any way the progress of the case, is a false step. The Kerala High Court had criticised the Police Dept for committing this anomaly. Will any heads roll in the police dept ?

How can we trust the Kerala Police anymore ?? Why is the police and the govt not interested in bring the murderers of Paul George to face justice ? Have they been bribed by some industrial houses or politicians to hush up the issue ? Kerala will heave a sigh of relief if any of the so called big business sharks are liquidated ..

Whoever has used the goondas for their rapid and unjust growth in Kerala by catching at the throat of the poor man, is now facing reprisals from the same goondas ?

With the police also hand in gloves with the murderers, can we expect this case to see the light of the day in the near future ? Or will it be hushed up like the many other cases which the Kerala Police is so famous for ..

An ever vigilant media and opposition only can help the common man get to know the truth !!


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