Tuesday, September 15, 2009

motham ooottu, party functionaries and other stories ..

The Motham OOOttu people in Kerala are making headline news these days. The company which has questionably acquired largenumbers of commercial property throughout by clutching at the throat of many a poor defaulter mercilessly, in the garb of the Church and its top priests, is finding the going tough these days. 

Thousands of crores of rupees of blood money, (the combined worth of the brothers who started their operations in chitti (ponzi schemes) and later graduated to blade money lending operations, confiscating property of defaulters by deceit and mercilessly, by paying off goondas, is about Rs 10,000 crores plus) is a major issue which the common man of Kerala meeds to sit up and seriously ponder. (No wonder that none of the better families in Kerala would ever dream of marrying off their girls or sons into these families for fear of the eternal curse of blood money running through the future generations).

It is there for everyone to see how the curse is running through the members of this family. Mentally retarded sons and daughters, sons getting killed on the road, getting killed by goondas because of the company they keep etc is making headline news. One should not forget the fact that the truth will finally chase you ..

Old timers vividly remember one of the stories of their times of how Velappan , a fake currency note operator, ran through the compounds of some of the families in central travancore in a police chase and threw away his ill gotten wealth, which entered wrong hands.

Because of the illegal funds the party has received from these operators, an impartial enquiry by the authorities is never possible. Only a CBI enquiry will expose the true facts and stop companies like the above from fleecing the common man in the garb of NBFCs, corporates etc.. The police is just a pawn here, the real people behind this are still untraceable and needs to be fixed before the rot sets deep in Kerala society damaging its economy.

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