Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Internet is turning 40 tomorrow.... (TOI)

The Internet, that all encompoassing communication, entretainment, informative medium is turning 40 tomorrow. It was on 2 nd Sept, 1969 that two computers at the Kelinrock lab in UCLA exchanged data through a ten feet long cable.

Later in 1972, Ray Tomlinson brings e-mail to exchange data between systems and users on these systems using the @ sign to signify the systems.

1973 Arpanet goes international with nodes in UK and Norway

Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn develop the TCP/IP in 1974 to communicate between computers connected to any network.

1983, Domain name system gets into place.

1990 Tim Berners Lee develops the World Wide Web, the integrate multi media and text on the internet

1993, Mark Andressen and his colleagues at UIUC ( University of Illinois) develop the first web browser, Mosaic

1994, the same group develop the first commercial browser, Netscape Navigator

1998, Google is formed in Stanford Uty Dorm.

1999 - Napster makes music file sharing popular and changes the world of music and Internet for ever !!

2005 Youtube, video file sharing is introduced

From 2000 wireless Internet access is introduced with suitable communication 811 protocols became popular..

2007 Aple's iphone, introduces millions to wireless internet access

So far  the world internet users population has been doubling every four years ( app..) From 250 m in 1999, it went to 500 m in 2002, 1 billion in 2006 and is now 1.5 b in 2008.

India at 81 million Internet users ( 7.1% of population) is fourth in the numbers of Internet users trailing behind China with 298 m users(22.4%), US 227 million ( 74.7 %) and Japan 94 million (73.8 %)


George Easaw 

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