Friday, September 11, 2009

The day the world changed for the Americans ..

The Americans who were polluting the world like never before (in all sense of the word..), oblivious of the rest 5.65 billion people out there, got a shock of their lives. America was changed for ever ..!! Unless it changed, it was doomed for ever !!

9/11 attack on WTC, 8 years to this day ..

And change it did ! Today it is more tolerable, has less of money in households to pollute, is moving with a begging bowl to other countries asking for help to lift them out of the rotten mess their leader have put them in.

It is said, US with no internal savings and on a spending binge, needs on an average $ 2 billion a day to survive and it depends on countries like China, Japan and the Gulf states to provide them this sustenance allowance by buying US govt securities. If these countries choke this oxygen supply, wonder what will happen !!

September 15 also marks one year of the fall of Lehman Brothers .. The day America was changed for ever !

George Easaw 

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