Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Visit to Taegu Tech, Bommasandra

I never thought I would get such an opportunity in life..

With the American students and faculty from Uty of Akron and Uty of Redlands, Calif, when I visited the cutting tools manufacturing company Taegu Tech in Bommasandra, Bangalore on the hosur Road, little did I realise that this visit was very important.

Even though I had learnt during my engg college days that machine tool life can be increased (decreasing cutting costs) by using inserts, this was the first time I was getting to see all this in real life. Visiting the shop floor of TaeguTech in Bommasandra was very interesting.

The cleanliness of the place was mind boggling. When the team lead of the marketing dept was saying in his presentation that this was one of the best machine tool manufacturing shop floors in the world, little did i believe it, till I saw the shop floor.

With the latest CNC controlled machines, robots and complicated flexible manufacturing systems,  the experience was beyond belief.

The American faculty who came along with us could not believe their eyes and stared in disbelief at the machines and the neatly and organised shop floor of Tagu tech in Bangalore. Started as a subsidiary of Daegu tech in South Korea in 2001 in Bommasandra it has a financial turnover of about 160 crores, but has already captured 65 % of the Indian machine tool market.


George Easaw

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