Tuesday, August 18, 2009

An interesting article on netas and security frisking ..

The parasites of the society, the politicians need to be told that they are the leaders of the people not demigods .. The pressure they bring on the normal law abiding citizens who are magnanimous enough to relax rules and provide security to these rascals are being taken for a ride by these same people.

http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/opinion/edit-page/Comment-Citizens-All/articleshow/4903143.cms  It is good that TOI has given the Khan frisking episode in US less importance. If these film stars and politicians pay their taxes, they will feel the pinch of wasteful extravaganza

The netas in our country with the sportspersons and filmstars are making a fool of themselves by shouting like crybabies when normal routines carried out on any individual is done on them at airpots. Flanking around with gun toting security guards, at the expense of the tax paying citizens of the country, these parasites get immense satisfaction blocking traffic and causing inconvenience to the public in public places. It is high time, the government reduced the security being given to such parasites. If they are killed by their enemies, it is only good for the country and law will take its course , like it does for the common citizens.


George Easaw 

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