Monday, July 06, 2009

Will Varun Gandhi get public sympathy this time ??

Isi'nt it natural for people who live in fear of being penalised by the legal system for their utterances against the unity and integrity of the country, to come out with reports that they are being targetted by the underworld criminals? All this to gain official apathy and divert public attention ..?

Varun Gandhi who made utterances against the minority Muslim community, in the garb of getting votes as a candidate of the communal BJP from Pilibhit, won the seat on communal grounds and BJP has still not disowned him. This makes it easy for the electorate to read between the lines..

The only trick up Varun's sleeve is to pick up the news that he is being targeted by criminals and seek VIP security. In fact all the senior politicians who want to be shielded from the electorate, legal system and the law enforcing agency, have been provided tight security by the govt. In India about 55,000 policemen are being used to provide security to VIPs and VVIPs on the tax payer's money !!

With Maneka Gandhi too joining the fray, with a mom's affection for her son's security, both BJP MPs, and accusing the government of being lackadaisical in its approach to take care of her son, the issue gets interesting .. Maybe for her it is only her intellectually challenged son that matters most, not the thousands who would have got killed by his irresponsible and communal enraging utterances, with an ever supporting party ready to wash its hands off when the situation gets out of hand ..


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