Monday, July 13, 2009

VS ejected from the CPM Politbureau ..

The simple, straightforward, uncorrupt Kerala CM VS Achuthananthan has found himself ejected from the Politbureau of CPM while the corrupt and CBI accused Pinarayi Vijayan has found himself continuing in the PB and firmly ensconed as the CPM Secretary in Kerala..

While it is a pure internal matter of CPM , it does expose the high moral ground the Marxists have been practicing all these years of being the crusaders against corruption in public office. While the Marxist party has become like an organised Mafia collecting money and disbursing favours, with the leaders who bring in money considered as the most useful, values and ideology  take a back seat.

In the long run, this is a sure shot medicine for defeat and total wipeout as in the court of the people all corrupt leaders will be exposed..

Smell of fresh notes is more attractive than the stink of prison cells and the ideals and principles the leaders and anikal have fought for all these years..

Let the common man take his lesson from this ..


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