Friday, July 03, 2009

Valuable lessons from history ..

With the severe drubbing the communalists in India, aka RSS/BJP got in the elections, they are lying low, only to hit back with greater vengeance and venom against all secular forces, who gave them this severe beating !! 

The RSS/BJP got severe reprimands from the Lieberhan Commission, probing the Babri Masjid demolition in 1992, indicted its leaders for wreaking havoc on the rich Indian culture and legacy.  Indian culture is multi-religious, not dominating and and tolerant, that is what makes it richer and richer .. There is no scope for a majoritarian agenda there..

That is why after the momentary blips in the timeline of history, indicating the rise and fall of the western civilization, world interest is focusing back to India and the Oriental East.. (it may be too early to write off the western civilization of splurge, materialism  and individualism) 

The ability of the Indian comity to silence disruptive communal forces, looking for momentary gains and benefits, is phenomenal. Will the common man be ever able to see through the divisive tendencies of the communalists who do not believe in unity and integrity of the country and keep them out ?

The infinite wisdom of the common man is beyond any comprehension !!


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