Thursday, July 09, 2009

Open admission by Zardari of US complicity in the Af-Pak region ..

What a way to own up responsibility ?? President Zardari of Pakistan has finally shown the courage the accept that terrorism and extremism were supported by the Pakistani state as a deliberate, sytemic ploy to achieve tactical goals ...

We need to understand what these tactical goals are ..

The US pressure to show India in bad light during the seventies and eighties, as we maintained a close rapport with USSR than US, had forced the Pak authorities who were under US patronage and funding, to turn their guns and intelligence agencies against India to cause maximum damage. To realise later that such a policy has not paid off and would do more damage to US and Pakistan than anybody else took some time. Democracy has such relief valves whereby policies of one administration are completely overturned by the succeeding one and re-introduced by the following one !!.

The realisation that India is a world power in the reckoning, set to achieve super power status, has forced US and its allies in Pakistan to understand that such tactics of guerilla, proxy warfare would not payoff, but cause more damage to Pakistan than anybody else. Such open admissions of guilt and "mea culpa" by Pakistan reinforces Indian stand throughout of a defensive policy than an offensive policy with regard to its small, fragile and terribly vulnerable neighbour Pakistan. Our patience has been tested time and again by the Pak leaders and their supporters from US.

This admission of guilt by Pakistan President, should make the US bow its head in shame as US has been a major power broker in this region during the seventies n eighties, propping up the Taliban and extremism in Pakistan as a state sponsored policy to face the Soviet threat.

Openly holding the US responsible for Talibanisation of the Af-Pak regions and growth of Al-Qaeda will indeed cause lot of heartburn in the US and self-introspection as to its diminishing influence in the region. 

After all, everyday is not a Sunday !! And one day, every nation will reap the consequencces of its actions, good or bad, abetting or partnering in crime..  How fast one realises it is the only question remaining unanswered !

George Easaw ....

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