Sunday, June 14, 2009

what will happen if the Marxists disown Pinarayi ?

Yesterday from Qatar my cousin mailed me saying that Lavlin having paid 90 crores for the Cancer hospital of which only 10 crores reached the hospital and rest 80 crores went missing  caught my eyes.... Lavlin has clarified in the media today that they have carried out their part of the work to the satisfaction of the government and have records to that effect.

CBI having filed a chargesheet giving Pinarayi an opportunity to state his part of the story before being convicted by the court, why can't Pinarayi own up to the crime of misappropriation (puttadi..) of govt funds which got diverted thru Canadian hands..

The Marxist cadre instead of fighting such corruption ( according to M V Raghavan) is now supporting a criminal and are willing to go on the roads and destroy public property and intimidate opponents..

Marxists would never disown Pinarayi, because much of that money has gone to the party funds. That is why Karat is also in a soup ..

Former Speaker of Lok Sabha Mr Banerjee today gave a piece of his mind about Karat's leadership. Karat is also one among the pack of thieves ...


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