Thursday, June 25, 2009

What is good for GM is good for America ...

These were the words of the GM CEO , Charlie Wilson 1955..

Someone rephrased itin 2009 like this, what is true for GM is true for America ... We have started seeing this ...World Bank is banking on the economic activity in India and China to salvage world growth ..

Mahindra, Nano, Jaguar and other Indian brands are invading US .. Airbus released its first China made plane yday. Very soon we will see Boeing being overtaken by Indian companies..

An average Pakistan citizen is indebted to a tune of $ 350 . ie. the Govt has to pay back so much of loans.. As early as 2015, each US citizen will be indebted by $ 50,000, if the present economic revival and controlled bankruptcy plans are taken to fruition.. If the Americans use at least a fraction of the common sense, forget intelligence (!, sorry, I do not know..), they will start living sensibly than be wiped out from the surface of the Earth or overrun ....

Prez Obama was too quick to remind the Iranian Govt not to crush the people's right to protest..  Probably, he does not recollect the existence of China.. Sorry , he dare not recollect ..


George Easaw 

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