Monday, June 08, 2009

Puttadi Vijayan, Lavlin and 380 crores ....

The story of how Marxists taught Indians the art of Puttadi ..

The biggest scam Kerala has ever seen ... The pro-poor party which has been fighting for their rights has suddenly been caught at the wrong end... The recent general elections to the Parliament exposed this raw and vulgar face of the parties which is working only for the leaders and their families..

What Pinarayi, his family and party 'puttadichathu' was 380 crores, the Marxists could have started at least 10 new engineering colleges in Kerala with that public, yours and mine tax money. And the idiot's son is doing his higher studies in Europe/Singapore with that money !!  

There were many Marxist activists and sympathisers  at CET, the hotbed of student political activity in Kerala during the 80s. These  student leaders would have realised how immature they were then .. What damage they had done to others, forget to themselves .. Now these same student leaders do not mind living in depraved capitalist regimes, feeling pity for those who believed in the Marxist ideologies..

The funniest part is that the Marxists through the Lavlin scam, have never denied they have betrayed the trust of the people, fooled them and have committed fraud on the Indian nation and its people... they have told they will face this politically with death threats and violence .. 

How could a people's party gather so much of real estate (AKG centre in Trivandrum and Delhi), media presence (Kairali TV) in such a short time.. How Kairali TV reported the news last evening shows how the media can be misused by the party for furthering its cause ..

It was interesting to note them saying that the whole incident is politically motivated and how the Marxists intend to take on this politically ( (aka, through violence and threats, the self cultivated tools of the Marxists..)..  While they have already issued death threats to the Governor and the very respectful social activist and society's conscience Sukumar Azhikode, the Marxists have not used the tool of destroying public property yet.. The intellectually famished leadership is rudderless now.. The party which knew only to use violence and high handed goondaism as a tool to handle such threats against its survival is now at crossroads ..

Some of the funny Marxist supporters' first response to such revelations is abusing others with uncivilised, abusive language .. 

And there are intellectually challenged people in Kerala who just cannot understand these selfish leaders and their exploitation of people !! If only there are educated people among the party cadre, can one accuse these marxists of treachery..

The fact that this is another opportunistic party waiting to get dissolved like their counterparts in USSR and East Europe, is the only solace for a serious reader of world history.

Marx and Lenin must be turning around in their graves, seeing how their followers have twisted their teachings ..


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