Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Mallu's growing clout in Dilli ..

Kerala's growing clout in New Delhi ..  ( From Telegraph newspaper )

Kerala, which even otherwise wields huge influence in Delhi 's power

circles, is savouring its own rare moment of prominence — it has never

had it so good.


Six ministers means Kerala matches the united might of Uttar Pradesh,

Bihar and Uttarakhand. And they may all have a native son to thank —

CPM general secretary Prakash Karat, none else.


But Kerala's run on Delhi is not solely dependent on the vicissitudes

of politics. The overweening sweep Malayalees — often referred to by

the unkind as "Malloo Mafia" — enjoy over non-political instruments of

state is remarkable for a state that only counts for roughly 3 per

cent of the nation's population.


Run an eye across the power corridors and you will probably have a

sense of just how formidable that teeny strip of land wedged between

Tamil Nadu and the Arabian Sea has made itself — Chief Justice of

India K.G. Balakrishnan, cabinet secretary K.M. Chandrashekhar,

national security adviser M.K. Narayanan, secretary to the President

of India Christy Fernandes, principal secretary to the Prime Minister

T.K.A. Nair, joint secretary in the PMO R. Gopalakrishnan, foreign

secretary Shiv Shankar Menon, commerce secretary G.K. Pillai,

agriculture secretary Nanda Kumar, law secretary T.K. Vishwanathan,

civil aviation secretary M. Madhavan Nambiar, food processing

secretary P.I. Suvadhan, space secretary G. Madhavan Nair,

parliamentary affairs secretary P.J. Thomas, overseas Indians affairs

secretary Mohan Das, secretary general of the Lok Sabha P.D.T. Achary,

National Intelligence Agency boss Radha Vinod Raju. Phew!!


But don't tell a Malloo that — he'll begin adding to that list sooner

than you've finished counting.


How about Nirupama Rao, sir? She may become the next foreign secretary

and was actually born a Menon, or is it Nair? Anyhow, a true-blue

Malloo all the same!


http://telegraphind story_11030531. jsp


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