Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Karat's double role ...

Prakash Karat, the General Secretary of CPM in India, is a man being questioned for his idiotic demeanour and double standards these days.. Maybe he has failed to see that the common man has become more sensible and can distinguish conmanship from sincerity..

Ban VHP and engage Maoists .. Both VHP and Maoists are terrorist organisations. In the former it is terrorists of the communal kind and Maoists are terrorists of the guerrilla variety. Is there any difference between the two ..

The above statement has exposed the double standards of Karat and his dying political grouping of insane and dead ideology..

The Left Front which has taken the decision is not ruling WB. It is a just a group of jokers who meet frequently in Kolkata and at other places to discuss strategies to perpetuate the Left rule in WB. The rise of Mamata Banerjee is a real threat to their goonda rule of WB, which they know..

Not having even an iota of influence in Delhi to influence political thinking is a great weakness for the Left this time..

How will they bulldoze their way through this time ??

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