Monday, June 22, 2009

Inclusive Hindutva, what does that mean ??

It has become more of a fashion in India these days to add the word Inclusive to anything to make it more acceptable and noticed. The word Inclusive growth stated it all, meaning the growth of not only the rich and influential in society, but also the poor and marginalised in the society. A totally Indian origin concept, it gives lot more depth and understanding than armchair theorising, to the concept of growth and development. Especially in India where the divide betwen the rich and poor was getting bigger and wider after each passing day. It became a key word which got noticed not only in India, but among the other nations of the world.

Even Infosys' Murthy wants the budget to focus on Inclusive growth. 

Perhaps that may be the reason why BJP has thought of prefixing that word with its Hindutva phrase, obviously with political ambitions.. Hindutva not only for the upper caste, but also for the less privileged and downtrodden in the society.. A group which it has not been focusing on earlier.  A very neat and expert maneouvre by whoever in BJP, to aim for larger vote share, in the next elections, after it found the Ram temple not giving as much dividends ..  a case of decreasing marginal returns...

BJP having realised that it needs to find means and ways to hoodwink the electorate yet again, is looking for ideas like this to revive its lost glory !! Can someone help ??


George ..

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