Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How the elections were won ?

An interesting article on the reasons behind the recent electoral victory at the national level. Worth a read ...

Praful Bidwai writes in Times of Inda that it is not GDPism and measures favouring the rich which won Congress resounding victory in this election, but concern for the poor and needy in society through the National Rural Employment guarantee Scheme (NREGA), the massive loan waivers, Right to Information Act and other progressive legislation.

QUOTE : We need public action based on a redistributive agenda. This means breaking with GDP-ism and inverting conventional wisdom that sees poverty alleviation, employment generation and social welfare as derivatives of growth, arbitrarily defined as 8 or 10 per cent. Instead, we must derive the growth target from the objectives of maximising employment, welfare and human development, including food security and guaranteed access to safe drinking water, health care, shelter and education.  UNQUOTE


George Easaw 

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