Thursday, June 11, 2009

achummavanu inganeyoru gathi ......

Poor Achummavan, the lone crusader in the Marxist party for truth, is being hounded like a dog !!! He would'nt give into the massive propaganda war unleashed against the Kerala Governor and the CM by the Marxist party, to save Puttadi Vijayan's skin !! When the Governor has acted according to his conscience and truth, done nothing illegal against the party, the Marxist party raising allegations against the Guv is , equivalent to challenging the Constitution and revolting against the nation !!

The theives in the cabinet, though they would not admit to the media that they are after VS' blood, is silently making moves to stab him in the back..

The party claiming to work for the poor is dead scared to even face the press..  !!!!! 

Virimaaru kaanichu vediundaye neritta charithramulla sakhaakkale, ippol enthinu aare pedichodunnu.... ??  Pity the corrupt leaders and their followers ... 

ithrayum samskaaramulla keralathil,  Malayaalikalil oru vibhaagathinu orikkalum bhododayam undakilla .. goondagiriyum, adipidiyum kaimuthalaakkiya ivarkku, ayyo kashtam ...  Bhodham vannavarokke eppozhe nattilninnu veliyil kadannu !! Avarokke ippol nokkininnu chirikkukayaanu .. Midukkanmaar ...

The support VS is receiving in Delhi ( anikalude, not Karat, he is with the official corrupt faction..) will see VS breathe some fresh air soon .. 


George Easaw 

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