Monday, May 04, 2009

what a trip to Sangama ..??

Yday sangama was truly fabulous.. 

The journey one way is 95 kms. We started from home at 7.15 am and then waited for kochumol and family to join us near the crossing over bridge after phase i, elec city. At 7.45 am they also came and then we moved along the NICE highway. We reached kanakapura at 9 am and we missed the famed rathna upahara for bfast. we came back to kanakpura, had a sumptuous bfast of masala dosas and coffee. also packed three packets of lemon rice for noon lunch. Kochuml had brought lot of pulau for lunch,..

We reached sangama at 10.30 am. The flame of the forest was in full colourful bloom on the way. By 11 am , we had parked our cars by the tree shade and was in the water. Initially we had plans to go up to mekedatu, but the low intensity of water discouraged us from trekking all the way up to mekedatu which is 4 kms. 

After crossing the confluence of cauvery and akravathy we trekked for a km and stopped under a tree by the banks of cauvery for lunch, games etc..

Except kochumol and anila, all of us went to the river in search of water. we could see some water holes on the dry parched cauvery river bed, but at some points there was good flow. we wetted ourselves, to snaps and returned to base for lunch.

after lunch we decided to head back to the confluence where we could play in the water, chinnu and others were rearing to get in the water yet again.

From 2 to 4 pm, all of us were in the water at the confluence.. may be it is May, there was such a lot of people around, an ocean of people. We enjoyed, the water.

Silky, our Labrador, was very thirsty and even though it had to take rest on the way , in the water it was very happy and enjoyed the  break from heat ..

By 4 we headed back for bangalore after drinking some soft drinks, plenty of water and on the way a good tea.

By 6.30 pm we were in the house and just as we reached home, it started raining heavily..

on the whole a very exciting, enjoyable, trip which the kids enjoyed very much. 


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