Wednesday, May 20, 2009

No tears for Prabhakaran ...

The great Leader who twice tried to flee from the scene of fighting, dumping his soldiers and followers !! ..

If Prabhakaran was not a coward, would he have decimated all threat to him from among Tamilians and Sri Lankans..? Would he have terrorised his people so much and become the unassailable and very secretive person he was known to be ?

If he was worrying about his family, would he have killed or  commanded the killing of  so many people, men, women, kids included?

The greatest coward and the sole person responsible for destroying the Tamil cause in Sri Lanka for his selfish ends, Pirabhakaran, does not deserve any mercy from any quarters .. 

No tears for Prabhakaran, though his family could have been taken care of ..

A dreaded terrorist on the lines of a mini Hitler ... His selfish desire for fame, for a distorted Tamil cause, revolving only around him and the organisation which he founded, cost 100,000 lives, besides his own !!

Towards the end he failed to see reason and was so scared of death and losing power that he secluded himself and exercised too much control, which naturally led to revolting from within and finally his DOWWNFALL ...!!




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